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 Senior Services

Recent advances in medical technology and new treatments for chronic diseases have expanded life expectancies.  However, longer life expectancies may mean prolonged years of care for a persons with debilitating physical and/or mental conditions.  This care is often provided in the home, by family members or a spouse; but the emotional, physical and financial toll of caregiving can be overwhelming, even for the most dedicated caregiver.  

Southeastern Healthcare offers services to help alleviate the strain of in-home and in-community care of older adults and adults with disabilities who have a desire to remain in their own home.  Through our Adult Day, Home Health, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Community Health and other therapeutic services, we assisted seniors and disabled adults with vital activities of daily living, health monitoring and social interaction.

We work diligently to assist our participants and their families in overcoming the isolation, loneliness and loss of self-esteem that frequently accompanies debilitating physical and/or mental decline.

Adult Day Services
Adult & Senior Services

Adult Day Health Care provides daily respite services from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Your loved one has a safe, healthy place for care, engagement, meals and more.  We have a trained team of professional care providers who create programs and activities designed to help seniors...

Overnight Respite Services

Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center is the premiere Overnight Respite facility licensed by the State of North Carolina.


Southeastern’s Overnight Respite services are unique in that respite care is provided for seniors and disabled adults in conjunction with adult day health. Guests receive all the socialization, entertainment and engaging benefits of adult day health, while enjoying personalized care and individual attention overnight.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation