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Associate Mental Health Professional

3401 Carl Sandburg Ct, Raleigh, NC, USA

Job Type

Full Time


3401 Carl Sandburg Ct, Raleigh, NC, USA

About the Role

The primary job function of the Associate Professional is to assess member needs, abilities, and interests, plan, conduct, and facilitate involvement in therapeutic vocational, recreation, and community integration programs/units, and organize special events.
Specific Duties:

Provides therapeutic vocational training and leisure/social-recreation programs for Clubhouse members.
Utilizes assessment tools and therapeutic interventions to assess members' abilities, needs, and interests
Provides one-to-one and group counseling to assist members in self-assessment and individual pre-vocational and recreational goal development.
Develops an individual program plan in accordance with assessment results in conjunction with members and treatment team
Plans, instructs, evaluates, and facilitates programs and member involvement in vocational units, social-recreation programs, and community bridging programs, using a psychosocial rehabilitation approach
Modifies and adapts activities to meet the individual needs of members
Observes, evaluates, and documents member behavior, abilities, performance, and progression during activities and provides written and verbal reports to the treatment team
Participates in team meetings to review and document member progress and aid in the transition process
Uses non-violent crisis intervention to diffuse hostile or aggressive behavior


Determines needs and purchases supplies/equipment for programs
Maintains and stores equipment and supplies in a safe and secure area
Develops and submits reports to the Program Director on continuous quality improvement activities such as program evaluations, workload measures, and satisfaction surveys
Estimates annual program materials and supply needs, provides budget information to the Director
Coordinates transportation bookings for community outings and events
Monitors participants' attendance and keeps statistical program record


Graduate from a college or university with a bachelor's degree and no less than four years of full-time, post-bachelor degree accumulated mh/dd/sa experience with the population served; or
A Master's Degree in a human services field with one year of post-graduate experience.


Knowledge of Community-Based Resources
Documentation - Knowledge of NC Medicaid documentation requirements
Knowledge of Client Rights
Ability to handle crisis/emergency situations, and utilize conflict resolution skills
Knowledge of basic computer and applications including Microsoft Word
Ability to work with the Program Director and/or QP to develop and follow an individual supervision plan


At least 18 years of age
Graduation from a four-year college or university
Able to read, write, understand, and follow directions
No substantiated findings of abuse or neglect listed on the North Carolina Health Care Personnel Registry

About the Company

Southeastern Healthcare of North Carolina, Inc. is a social health company focused on community health, senior adult services, and behavioral health services. All of our programs and services are carefully crafted to enhance the quality of life and improve the general well-being of our participants. We work diligently to empower underserved populations by offering Home Health Services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Adult Day Health Services, Community Health Services, and other therapeutic services.

Our well-trained, multidisciplinary team of professionals has helped bring a sense of peace and security to countless families through the care and support offered in each of our programs. We work directly with doctors, family members, and community partners to provide continuity in care and service delivery. All of our programs are carefully crafted to enhance the quality of life and improve the general well-being of our participants. We work diligently to assist our participants and their families in overcoming the isolation, loneliness, and loss of self-esteem that frequently accompany debilitating physical and/or mental decline and other mental illnesses.

Located in Goldsboro, our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, social health care that improves the quality of life for the elderly and disabled adults. Southeastern’s vision is to provide quality services and develop best practices that can be replicated by other service providers.

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