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Certified Peer Support Specialist

3401 Carl Sandburg Ct, Raleigh, NC, USA

Job Type

Full Time


3401 Carl Sandburg Ct, Raleigh, NC, USA

About the Role

The Peer Support Specialist (PSS) is primarily responsible for delivering services to members as outlined in the members' patient-centered plan. The PSS by definition is a person in recovery who will utilize her or his personal recovery experience to cultivate hope and optimism for people in recovery. This position reports to the peer support qualified professional. Applicant must be peer support certified. This requires an approved PSS application and the completion of the state-required 40-hour PSS training program within 90 days of hire.


Build professional relationships with community agencies and referral resources to establish and maintain southeastern healthcare as a resource for individuals desiring peer support recovery
Collaborate with qualified professionals, licensed professionals, and members in identifying interventions aimed at helping members reach their goals as outlined in the treatment plan
Actively participate in the completion of regular treatment plan reviews
Knowledge of peer support principles values and ethics
Ability to share lived experience to support encourage and enhance an individual's treatment and recovery
Possess recovery-oriented skills and knowledge to provide peer support services
Ability to collaborate with the program QP to assess their own strengths and areas of growth and develop a supervision plan ability to collaborate with an individual to explore and identify barriers to accessing community resources or treatment providers
Ability to model and mentor recovery values attitudes beliefs and personal actions to encourage Wellness and resilience for individuals served and to promote a recovery environment in the community residents and workplace
Ability to explore with an individual being served, the importance and creation of a Wellness identity through open sharing and challenging viewpoints
Ability to promote an individual's opportunity for personal growth by identifying teachable moments for building relationship skills to empower the individual and enhance personal responsibility
Ability to model and share decision-making tools to enhance an individual's healthy decision-making process
Ability to provide examples of healthy social interactions and facilitate familiarity with and connection to the local community
Ability to recognize and appropriately respond to conditions that constitute an emergency including both physical and behavioral health crises utilizing the emergency response procedure of the employer
Ability to provide support to the individual in navigating systems (medical social services or legal)


Be well-established in his/her own recovery
Knowledge and experience working with individuals with identified mental health and/or substance abuse needs
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Work well within a team and on an individual basis
Willingness to support members in community activities
Ability to work with QP or LP to develop and follow an individual supervision plan


Hold a valid NC Peer Support Specialist Certification
Have at least one year of demonstrated recovery time
One year of experience working with individuals with mental health or substance abuse needs
At least 18 years of age
Able to read, write, understand, and follow directions
No substantiated findings of abuse or neglect listed on the North Carolina Health Care Personnel Registry


Minimum of a High School diploma or GED

About the Company

Southeastern Healthcare of North Carolina, Inc. is a social health company focused on community health, senior adult services, and behavioral health services. All of our programs and services are carefully crafted to enhance the quality of life and improve the general well-being of our participants. We work diligently to empower underserved populations by offering Home Health Services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Adult Day Health Services, Community Health Services, and other therapeutic services.

Our well-trained, multidisciplinary team of professionals has helped bring a sense of peace and security to countless families through the care and support offered in each of our programs. We work directly with doctors, family members, and community partners to provide continuity in care and service delivery. All of our programs are carefully crafted to enhance the quality of life and improve the general well-being of our participants. We work diligently to assist our participants and their families in overcoming the isolation, loneliness, and loss of self-esteem that frequently accompany debilitating physical and/or mental decline and other mental illnesses.

Located in Southeast Raleigh, our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, social health care that improves the quality of life for the elderly and disabled adults. Southeastern’s vision is to provide quality services and develop best practices that can be replicated by other service providers.

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