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Health Care Coordinator (RN or LPN only)

3401 Carl Sandburg Ct, Raleigh, NC, USA

Job Type

Part Time


3401 Carl Sandburg Ct, Raleigh, NC, USA

About the Role

The Health Care Coordinator provides direct patient care through the following activities: assessing, collaborating/consulting with interdisciplinary team members regarding healthcare issues, acting as a resource, and facilitating communication between healthcare providers and the Center. The Health Care Coordinator provides administrative and clinical on-call services as scheduled.


Complete preadmission health assessment for initial acceptance into the adult day health and overnight respite programs, including problem-identification and care planning
Implement the healthcare components of the established service plan which shall include:
Medication administration
Wound care
Enteral or parenteral feeding
Bowel or bladder training and maintenance programs
Tracheotomy care and suctioning
Delegating nursing care tasks to qualified unlicensed personnel
Monitor participants' response to medical treatment plans and nursing interventions and revise plan of care as necessary
Reporting and recording results of the nursing assessment, care rendered, and participant's response to care.
Collaborate with other healthcare professionals and caregivers regarding the provision of participant's healthcare
Educate other staff members about emergency procedures and provide information to staff and caregivers about the health concerns and conditions of participants
Provide first aid treatment as needed
Making certain health and personal care services are provided to participants consistent with the participants' service plans. These services are as follows:
Assistance with activities of daily living including feeding, ambulation, or toileting as needed by individual participants.
Healthcare monitoring of each participant's general health and medical regimen. This includes documenting the periodic assessment of the vital signs, weight, dental health, general nutrition, and hygiene of each participant
Documenting when health changes occur, positive or negative, the Adult day care program staff shall notify the family, caregiver, or responsible party of the changes
Assistance to participants on a regular basis, at least monthly
Health education programs for all participants on a regular basis, at least monthly
Healthcare counseling that is tailored to meet the needs of participants and caregivers
Evaluate the appropriateness of services provided, the need for ongoing services, and the need for transfer to an alternate level of care
Report changes in the participant's medical or mental condition to the attending physician and others involved in the participant's care
Conduct orientation and train or supervise the orientation and training of Southeastern employees assigned to nursing services.


Must be at least 18 years of age
Present a written medical statement, completed within the prior 12 months by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant, certifying that the employee has no illness or health condition that would pose a health risk to others and that the employee can perform the duties assigned in the job.


A registered nurse currently licensed to practice in North Carolina is preferred.
A licensed practical nurse with at least 2 years of experience working in a medical surgery unit, home healthcare, and one year of administrative responsibilities will be considered.
Must have knowledge and understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of aging, the resultant diseases and infirmities, and related medications and rehabilitative measures.
Must provide at least three reference letters or the names of individuals with whom a reference interview can be conducted, including at least one former employer. The individuals providing reference information shall have knowledge of the applicant's health care coordinator's background and qualifications.

About the Company

"Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center focuses on providing skilled support to seniors, disabled adults, and their caregivers. Southeastern’s programs are carefully crafted to enhance the quality of life and improve the general welfare of each participant and their family.  Our mission is to provide a safe and caring environment for adults so they can remain living in their homes and communities. We strive to promote independence and offer a wide range of activities, therapies, and socialization to meet the individual needs of each participant and their family.  
We are your safe home...away from home!"

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